Daniel Greenfield writes in his blog Sultan Knish, The Art of Building Things, 6/10/13.


Creativity is an individual act. The act of building something, whether with hammers, blueprints, words, boards or plans is individualistic. Collectives can build, but not creatively. A mass has no vision because it has no personality. It can follow rules but not dreams.

American exceptionalism emerged out of a society which empowered the creative talents of the individual, not through grants, regulations, instructional pamphlets, inspectors and guidelines, but through the simple virtue of leaving men alone to do their work.

Freedom is the greatest creative force because it liberates the individual to build and as freedom diminishes within a society so does its creativity. Progress in restricted areas dwindles to a trickle as collectives expend a thousand times the money and effort, and still fail to equal the achievements of individuals operating on shoestring budgets.


When government is perverted from the constitutional purpose of protecting individual human rights to fulfilling human needs and wants it stifles the progress that has done so much to advance human growth.  All great progress has come at the expense of rules and institutional order.  Human progress will suffer when we are required to serve the institutions that should serve us.