Erick Erickson writes in the Macon Telegraph, Conservative Journalism is Failing,  3/8/13


There are scandals to uncover and there are outrageous stories to be outraged over, but I would submit conservatives are spending a lot more time trying to find things to be outraged over than reporting the news and basic facts online from a conservative perspective.

I just do not see the need to get outraged over things without first having all the facts at hand. Further, I do not see the need to get outraged over everything, when better targeting of stories that truly resonate would serve conservatives well.

Conservatives do their cause more harm than good if they get outrageously outraged over every slight and grievance. Yes, there is an institutional media bias against the right, but conservatives must also honestly acknowledge that conservatives have also screamed “wolf” these past few years. More often than not, there was no wolf to be found.

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