Nassim Taleb conceptualizes systems by their fragility in Antifragile:Things that Gain from Disorder.  Fragile systems are weakened by stress, robust systems withstand and survive stress, and anti-fragile systems are actually strengthened by stress. (Think weightlifting and body building.)

In his book he notes how our financial system is deprived of small failures by excess regulations and are thus much less capable and prepared to handle great failures.  We are damaged and destroyed by the very intentions meant to protect us.

“We are witnessing the rise of a new class of inverse heroes, that is, bureaucrats, bankers, Davos-attending members of the I.A.N.D. (International Association of Name Droppers), and academics with too much power and no real downside and/or accountability. They game the system while citizens pay the price.

At no point in history have so many non-risk-takers, that is, those with no personal exposure, exerted so much control.

The chief ethical rule is the following: Thou shalt not have antifragility at the expense of the fragility of others.”

Excerpt From: Nassim Nicholas Taleb. “Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder.” Random House, 2012-11-27. iBooks.

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