Greg Gutfeld comments on the Sandra Fluke mini controversy in his new book, The Joy of Hate:

“Forget that health insurance should really only pertain to serious stuff. This sad and stupid debate should be pretty simple: it’s between those who embrace the entitlement culture and those who cherish individual responsibility. In my opinion, Fluke is a moral and intellectual lightweight. For anyone to demand free stuff simply to support a lifestyle, and claim it a health issue, should make every sensible human being sick to their stomach. She is an emblem of a crumbling country, the strident entitlist (another word I coined; every time you use it, I get a royalty) who demands you tolerate her needs—while, of course, she ignores yours. We are now a nation of nags, each one crying out for something they feel is deserved rather than earned.”

“And so what could have been a frank discussion about government overreach and entitlement shifted into a “war on women.” If you deny a birth control pill to anyone, period, you are waging war on the fairer sex. Ironically, the “I am woman, hear me roar” crowd became the “I am needy, give me more” bunch—the damsels in distress who, in 2012, cannot find a way to pay for cheap pills. I mean, aren’t women independent enough not to need Daddy to take care of them?

And by Daddy, I mean President Obama, who actually called Fluke to offer his support. Yep, forget those protesters dying in Syria or the explosive number of homicides in Chicago. The person who needed his help most was a thirty-year-old woman whose mission is to get free stuff everyone can afford”

Excerpt From: Gutfeld, Greg. “The Joy of Hate.” Crown Forum, 2012-11-13. iBooks.
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