Daniel Greenfield writes in his blog Sultan Knish, Sex and the Single Socialist 10/14/12


Civil rights stopped being civil rights decades ago and became civil entitlements, civil privileges allotted to especially deserving groups on account of their official victim status. These civil rights, peculiarly, deprived other people of their freedom and violated the very ethos of equality that had been the basis of the whole fight.

In a tragic turn of events the fight for equality became the fight for inequality. One form of inequality was pitted against another on the theory that the only way to make people equal was for good inequality and bad inequality to fight it out until somehow one day we would all be equal. Or at least the right people would be equal and the wrong people would be unequal.

This same noxious formula of the fight for equality shamelessly transmuted into special privilege has flowed into every struggle that models itself on the civil rights movement. And with each battle, freedom has been lost as a new layer of privilege and the regulations that protect that privilege have been added. We have long ago lost the presumption of innocence, now everyone is guilty of something and the power to wield that guilt like a whip is the ultimate privilege.