For most of the vice presidential debate Joe Biden was contemptuous, rude, disrespectful, and often wrong on the facts and assessments. But he had one great moment.

Both candidates are Catholic.  The moderator, Martha Raddatz, asked both candidates about their Catholic affiliation and how it would affect their stance on abortion.  Ryan gave the canned GOP response against abortion except in the case of a rape or woman’s health.  Biden gave a much better answer.

He said that as a Catholic he believed that life begins at conception, but he would not force his religious beliefs on others (I paraphrase).  He then went on to make political points on the issue by stoking the fear of the next president having the power to threaten the Roe V Wade decision with his Supreme Court appointments.

While I agree with his statement, it was heightened by the fact that during this question he turned off his buffoon button. He was serious and calm and respectful.  If he had maintained that demeanor during the whole debate he would have won.

Abortion is a sensitive issue and is often avoided.  But it is the center of major flaws of both parties.  The Democrats make abortion a major litmus test issue, insisting on a woman’s right to control her own   health.  Yet they are willing to compromise on every health issue except abortion.  They are willing to accept government mandated limitations on every health care choice other than this one.

The Republicans insist on individual freedom but insist on intruding on the most important emotionally wrenching choice a woman can make.  They think they can defuse the intrusion by making exceptions for rape and health issues, but they are naïve to think that they can predict every ‘exceptional’ issue that can come along. Life is just much more complicated and unpredictable than that.  Should a woman who has a health issue in her third trimester have to consult with a government representative when she has to make such a choice?  Hell no.  What exactly constitutes a health threat?

Abortion, like gay marriage, is just one of those issues that are better decided from the pulpit and private organizations than the ballot box.  I share many of the objections of the opponents, whether for personal, moral, or religious reasons, but I agree with Biden that my objection, regardless of its justification, does not extend to forcing others to accept my position or my belief.

It is my observation that many conservative leaning voters who object strongly to the policies of the current administration also agree with Biden’s position.  But they disagree with him and his administration on just about everything else.


for another opinion: Biden’s Abortion Blarney by Selwyn Duke at American Thinker