Obama’s Re-Election Case Rests On 5 Phony Claims

In Investor’s Business Daily by John Merline

HKO summary:

  1. Bush’s tax cuts and deregulation caused the financial collapse.
  2. Obama stopped a second Great Depression.
  3. Obama’s policies are working.
  4. A slow recovery was inevitable.
  5. Nobody could have done better.

John Merline goes through each argument.  None of them are true.

Obama picks the disease first and then finds the diagnosis that fits it.  What worked in the nineties under Clinton may not work in the same conditions as the decade under Bush and neither periods’ solutions may work today.  Obamanomics was doomed to fail from the start because he never properly diagnosed the problem.  If he thought the massive regulations and costs of The Affordable Health Care Act and Dodd Frank would do anything more than burden a stilled economy then he was a fool.  We can only be thankful that he was unable to pass the Card Check Bill and Cap and Trade or we would have likely been in a serious Depression.

Obama and his sycophants are clueless how the economy works.  Independent businesses have known this for years.  Last night everybody got a chance to see how utterly clueless he is.