Camille Paglia

Kerry Lauerman writes about outspoken Democrat Camille Paglia at Salon in In “Glittering” return, Paglia lets loose, 10/10/12.


The media’s pampering and protection of Obama over the years simply led to his weakening — which was on excruciating public display at his first debate with Romney, who landed blow after blow.

My third reason for going Green is the creeping totalitarianism of Obamacare, which Jill Stein as a physician is rightly skeptical about. I began denouncing the Obamacare bill in my Salon column within two months after Obama’s inauguration. And I was also criticizing the President’s imprisonment within an insular circle of advisors who were not of sufficient quality and experience as administrators or strategists to sustain his presidency. If Democrats and their cohorts in the mainstream media had listened to me and begun criticizing the administration early on, there would have been ample time for a course correction and Obama would now be sailing into reelection.

But the childish naivete of so many supposedly well-educated liberals was shown by their complete failure to notice or remark on the most glaringly obvious deficiency in Obamacare: You cannot possibly expand medical coverage to millions of people without also expanding medical training and funding new clinics and hospitals. The total absence of that in the bill was ludicrous. And you still hear mush-minded liberals saying all the time in the media, “Oh, what about this nice provision or that?” When any of those things could have been easily dealt with by free-standing bills passed with bipartisan support.


Camille is a Democrat, but is voting Green to register her displeasure with the current Democratic administration.  The Jacksonian Democratic ideal of “opportunity for all, special priviledge for none” has been turned on its head.  Her observation that the lack of criticism of Obama from the media had a critical role in his miserable debate performance is astute.  Romney’s difficult primary run may have prepared him much better.