Jay Nordlinger writes in The National Review, The Nazi card & c


There are people in the world like Nazis: Saddam Hussein’s Baath party; the Assads’ Baath party; the Iranian dictatorship; Hezbollah; Hamas.

And you know? Democrats such as the ones I cited above, who so freely call the liberal democrats in the Republican party Nazis, almost never call Assad and the rest Nazis. They are far tougher in their rhetoric on Republicans than on these Middle East actors: who openly admire the Nazis, and imitate them.

Strange, no?

Two days ago, Dennis Prager had a column. It relates to the above: “Have you noticed that the Left regularly condemns alleged conservative ‘hate speech’ but is almost completely silent on the most pervasive hate speech in the world?”

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal published a column by Bret Stephens: “Muslims, Mormons and Liberals.” It is possibly the greatest column in the history of columns.

On Broadway, there is a show called The Book of Mormon. A huge, huge hit. Has raked in millions of dollars. The show mocks Mormons and their religion, in vile ways. People can’t get enough of this show, including our secretary of state, who attended last year. They’ve laughed their a**es off.

But when a pathetic, amateur videomaker is rude about Islam . . . Secretary Clinton said “disgusting and reprehensible.”


And don’t forget the infamous Piss Christ painting.  I don’t remember Christians using it as a premise to rise up and assassinate ambassadors. We have become so tolerant that we now tolerate the intolerant.