With less than 50 days to go, Obama is widening his lead on InTrade.  This is disturbing.

If the GOP is unable to beat Obama with his terrible record then they should simply disband and wonder out in the desert.  Perhaps the social liberals have grown to such a large base that they can no longer be dismissed. Perhaps Romney is unable to connect with the average Joe.

Or perhaps Romney is just a lighter version of the Democrats, a slightly better socialist. He proposes to be a more responsible steward of government institutions, to protect the goose that feeds the government programs. He has not differentiated himself enough from his opponent.  He accepts government dependency as a campaign fact instead of speaking on the benefits and morality of reducing dependency.

The government cannot create jobs.  They can only get out of the way and remove the roadblocks to job creation that this president has constructed.  Yet Romney offers to create 12,000,000 jobs:  a claim just as hollow as Obama’s.

Instead of explaining the dangers of centralized health care, Romney wants to explain the parts of centralized health care he would keep.

The GOP needs a Chris Christie who can communicate the way our economy works in plain simple terms, and in ways that are different and better than the current administration.

I hope this turns and Romney pulls it off but the chances are looking dimmer.  It is just a stunning defeat that the best the GOP could bring forth cannot beat this president with his record.  It is one thing for enough people to be duped once, but if they elect this man again, then they have proven themselves unwilling to live in a free capitalist nation.