From my recent post in American Thinker, What Government Really Does for My Business, 7/17/12

These are just the recent additions to decades of regulations that have chiseled away at company profits and potential for decades.  “Every snowflake pleads innocent, but it is still an avalanche.”  As bad as this economy is now,  image how much worse it would have been had this administration had its way in passing the Card Check bill and the disastrous Cap and Trade bill.

We are fully aware of the benefits of a government to provide a secure environment to grow, and the infrastructure to move our products. But those in business are also keenly aware of the ever increasing burdens inflicted on those businesses by poorly thought out, never ending, always changing regulations and mandates.  You can’t brag on the benefits without accepting responsibility for the burdens.

The greater debt is owed by the president and his leviathan government to the taxpayers and businesses who fund his endless golf outings, Michelle’s expensive vacations, and the utopian statist nightmare he has foisted on us.

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