Utopianism substitutes glorious predictions and unachievable promises for knowledge, science and reason, while laying claim to them all. Yet there is nothing new in deception disguised as hope and nothing original in deception framed as progress.  A heavenly body is said to be within reach if only the individual surrenders more of his liberty and being for the general good, meaning the good as described by the state.  If he refuses, he will be tormented and ultimately coerced into compliance, for conformity is essential.  Indeed, nothing good can come of self-interest, which is condemned as morally indefensible and empty.  Through persuasion, deceit, and coercion, the individual must be stripped of his identity and subordinated to the state.

Especially threatening, therefore, are the industrious, independent, and successful, for they demonstrate what is actually possible under current social conditions- achievement, happiness, and fulfillment- thereby contradicting and endangering the utopian campaign against what was or is.  They must be either co-opted and turned into useful contributors to or advocates for the state, or neutralized through sabotage or other means.  Indeed, the individual’s contribution to society must be downplayed, dismissed, or denounced, unless the contribution is directed by the state and involves self-sacrifice for the utopian cause.

From Ameritopia by Mark Levin

HKO comments:

Statists and utopians will dwell on humans as categories rather than as individuals. The rise of capitalism upset central authorities because it empowered individuals so much.  The more enlightened approach sought to engage the individual to build a better society rather than rule him.

As our society became more complex a new profile of rulers came from the technocrats and bureaucrats who distrusted the individuals to not only do what is right for society, but even became distrusted to do what is right for themselves.  This centers on assuming they know what is better for you than you do.  When you appear to act against your own self-interest “ as they see it” (as presumed in What’s the Matter With Kansas?)   they presume either ignorance on your part or malicious motives on the part of those who “control” you.  Never do they consider that they do not know your self-interest as well as you do.

Most voters are OK with letting the politicos engage in their utopian fantasies until it intrudes on their own lives and that is where we are.  Most of us realize that life isn’t perfect and are suspect of those who insist that it can be.  We know that “the government that can give you whatever you want can also take whatever you have.”