1. Gas prices are headed down.  It is because of supply, demand, and reduced fear. Speculators have nothing to do with the increase or decrease over any extended period pf time.
  2. Is Mitt Romney considering Marco Rubio because they have the same initials?  You can see the bumper stickers now: M2R2
  3. I predict Romney beats Obama by a wider margin than 5 points.
  4. Publicly held large companies are doing much better than smaller privately held businesses.  Bigger companies are better able to handle the higher friction costs imposed by more regulations.  Many of the larger companies favor more regulations because it inhibits newer competitors.
  5. Lobbyists are a byproduct of regulations.  It is a fundamental constitutional principal that we should be equal before the law.  Regulations and lobbyists seems to run counter to that fundamental principle. How can this administration allow 1400 exemptions to Obama Care and then have the temerity to lecture us on fairness?
  6. Conservatives think liberals are ignorant and they can convert them with information and reason. Liberals think conservatives are evil and immoral, and thus not worthy of civil discourse. Both are wrong. There are fundamental philosophical differences.  I wish the campaign would focus on these differences, rather than all the cheap distracting noise.
  7. The government is encouraging banks to originate refinancing of homes at 125% of current appraised value in order keep the current owners in the homes.  This converts the homeowners from delinquency to slavery.  You can never afford to sell the home or move because you would have to come up with the difference at closing.  What a terrible idea.