In the search for inflammatory rhetoric a jackpot was found with the phrase “the war against women”, usually used to describe Republican social agendas.  I have always found it a bit silly but I avoided any comment probably because I am a man.

But author Sarah Hoyt posted on her blog, According to Hoyt, War is Hell, March 18, 2012.  From what I can see and from what she claims, her blog is not normally political in tone.

Excerpt from her rant:

In the United States, right now, women have preferential treatment – by law – in any company that gets federal funds (which heaven help us, right now, is most of them.)  Women live longer than men.  Cancers that affect females get more money and more attention than those that affect only men.  Women have the right to be sole deciders on abortion, and if they decide to keep the child and make the man pay, he pays.  (This by the way is a complete reversal of the “penalty” of sex which used to fall mostly on women.)  And if he doesn’t pay, he goes to jail.  Divorce courts award custody to mothers overwhelmingly.  Oh, and in college campuses, women outnumber men.

If you truly believe refusing to force employers to pay for birth control is a war on women, then you are fragile little flowers who deserve to experience life practically anywhere else in the world.  You are also unleashing a monster.  Get the government to force this and NOTHING is out of bonds.  Forget selling you the rope to hang you with.  The government will eventually force you to pay them to hang you.