The five most expensive words in politics- “We have to do something.”

The need to be concerned about the ‘community’ has never been invoked to push for fiscal prudence,  yet that is the best thing we can do for a stable community.

The fact that we have created huge incentives not to work and huge incentives not to hire makes me wonder why the unemployment rate isn’t over 25%.  Perhaps this speaks highly for the work ethic-  that even these government incentives can not destroy it.

The three leading GOP candidates are all big government Republicans.   I lean toward the one who has some real private sector experience and some real executive political experience.

On that subject, the GOP is hosting a fight between its big government and small government partisans. There is no similar fight within the Democratic party.  There is no small government Democratic faction.

The Republicans are usually divisive within their ranks.  The GOP is plagued with litmus tests from multiple groups that are sometimes incompatible. The Democrats have had the advantage of unity.  The dissatisfaction with Obama may unite the GOP in a way that it has rarely seen.

The Republican Primary is like a circular firing squad.  Is this effective?  What should the GOP leadership be doing differently?