It is interesting to note the response to  the president invoking the name of Jesus to justify higher taxes on the wealthier Americans.  It seems that those who act horrified at the use of Christian references in the political discourse when invoked from the right are suddenly quiet when such references are used to justify their own ideology.

Aside from the fact that America is home to many religions that do not worship Jesus, this is the worst kind of political pandering.  Does the pro-choice crowd really want to invoke Jesus to justify their position? How would they like it when the pro-life crowd uses the same justification as Obama to justify his confiscatory policy?

Would Jesus approve of taking money from families to reward political donors with tax money to invest in failed solar projects?  Would Jesus distinguish between voluntary act of one giving his own money to help the needy as opposed to politicians taking it to spend as they wish?  Would Jesus assume that all money spent by government is spent wisely, as opposed to how one would spend their own money?

To assume that all government expense benefits man while those who create the wealth do not is naïve and ignorant. In fact the very way that the government tries to help the poor does little to truly help them.  We have spent trillions to help the poor, yet their number seems to increase.  Perhaps there is better way to help them?

Those in government sell you on their altruism but their stock in trade is power.  Congressmen use their office to enrich themselves , to use inside information, and pay themselves far greater amounts than  those who pay their taxes are able to earn.  Those who advocate government aid the most give the least from their own pocket.  Biden’s charitable contributions should be embarrassing to any leader.  They use the poor as a tool to gather power and riches for themselves.

I wonder what Jesus would say about that?