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With Friends Like These….

Three recent instances of anti- Israeli stances have come from administration officials in a very short period of time. First Hillary Clinton overreacted to an orthodox effort to separate the seating of men and women on Israeli buses. The effort…

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Scientific Agnosticism

Science was not a strong subject for me and I am certainly not qualified to pass judgment on the hard data and the cases for or against anthropomorphic (man-made) global warming.  Yet I also realize that most of the pundits…

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Deregulation vs Misregulation

Deregulation was often blamed for the financial collapse, but the greater problem was the regulations themselves.  This is not to say that we should be free of regulations but that they should be carefully considered.  Good regulation should promote free markets with requirements for…

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Beyond Left and Right- Really?

Occasionally I get soundly rebuked from a reader who calls BS on my moniker ‘ Beyond Left and Right’.  Clearly,  some readers insist,  I am most often conservative and why don’t  I just fess up and admit it.  I thought…

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Outsourcing Morality

The outsourcing of private morality to the state is a particularly modern affliction, but equally as pernicious. We witness the startling paradox that today’s private society is crasser, less honest, and more uncouth even as its government’s official morality stresses…

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