The opposition is unable to let go of the racism charge.

Racism, like anti-Semitism is a strong serious charge.  But those who level it so constantly at the Tea Party and other political opponents are intellectually lazy and cowardly.  They are so bereft of any argument for their idea that they quickly resort to juvenile name calling.

This is an insult to those who truly are victims of racism, and it only empower and strengthens the Tea Party when they see how little their opposition knows about them.

A characteristic of cerebrally challenged conspiracy theorists is when their conspiracy cannot be disproven.  When Bill Maher claims Republicans support Herman Cain just to prove they are not racists he proves himself as intellectually deficient as the most moronic conspiracy theorists.

Republicans oppose Obama because he is black.  Their support for Cain proves they are prejudiced because they did it to prove they are not.  Or Cain is just an Uncle Tom like Clarence Thomas.  Any Black that sides with Republicans is thus ‘not really black’.  Who is prejudiced here?  The answer is white liberals who feel qualified to determine who is ‘truly’ black.

It is an aggressive media tactic to control the narrative by brandishing words like racist and nazi, to avoid addressing the real contents of ideas.  This tactic of personal destruction will go to any length, including outright lying.

In August 2009, MSNBC took a photo of a man carrying a gun at a rally, but cut off his head and hands in the photo, as Contessa Brewer intoned, “There are questions about whether this has racial overtones… white people showing up with guns.” Dylan Ratigan and Toure agreed with her.  There was only one problem: the guy carrying the gun was black.  MSNBC had deliberately cropped the picture to try to avoid the inconvenient fact that it contradicted their (false) narrative.  They were making it up, using Photoshop to propagate a lie.  Where was Media Matters now?

From Righteous Indignation by Andrew Breitbart

This is the result when the ends justify the means.  Lies and distortion become acceptable.  Such media tactics are shameless.  Those who prefer to discredit people rather address ideas are the small minds that still infect much of our media.