Howard Schultz, the  CEO of Starbucks, has called on all corporation to suspend their political contributions until a solution is reached on the deficit.   He has been able to get several large corporations to sign on to his boycott.

He said he wants citizenship, not partisanship.  What he is advising, however, is just bullshit.

What is missing is any clarity about what he means by a “fair and bipartisan deal”.  That, Mr. Schultz, is exactly what all the partisan bickering is about.

There are fundamental differences about how much we should depend on government for solutions, and about whether we should accept less generation of wealth in order to have more equality of wealth.  We are stuck on platitudes and sound bites and need clarity.  He is offering none.

Does he believe we should cut back on non defense spending? How much should we cut defense spending?  Should we means test benefits like Medicare and Social Security? Should we raise the retirement age? Should we raise taxes on corporations? Should we cap or eliminate mortgage interest deductions?  Should we limit how much income should be allowed to be taxed only at capital gains rate so that Warren Buffet can pay more taxes as he so desperately wants  to do? Should the Post Office only deliver three days or even just one day per week? Should we cut all federal pay 10%? Should we repeal the Obama  Health Plan?

Of course Mr. Schultz addresses none of this.  But this is what our representatives have to face and it is a tough battle. The good news is that it is happening.  The partisan bickering he and so many detest  is just the tools of the trade.  This is what elections are all about.

I recommend just the opposite.  Find those who are willing to take a stand, whether they are in office or plan to run.  Write them the biggest check you can to make up for this act of corporate cowardice.  If they want to cut expenses, especially the repeal of Obamacare, and fight for sensible regulations- not these thousand page monstrosities that force onerous regulation down the throats of the small businesses but grant waivers  and special dispensation to the politically connected-  then support the hell out of them.

I can bet who will NOT be joining the Howard Schultz boycott (besides me):  the unions, the trial lawyers, the government workers, the special interests who seek more government handouts and subsidies, and those who think it is better to be equally poor than unequally wealthy.