I do not understand what is magical about Iowa other than it is the first weeding.  Ron Paul will not be the Republican nominee no matter how high he scores. This is a center right country and there is a reason that ‘center’ comes before ‘right.’  Isolationism and abolition of the Fed will not get you the nomination no matter how many people in Iowa think it should.

Trump rose fast and burned out fast due to being a one issue candidate.  One’s first elected office should not be the highest offered.  Newt melted down quickly though he is still in the race.  Attacking Paul Ryan (who I could get behind) and then explaining that he did not came across as typical political double talk.  Every time he stuck his foot in his mouth he would whine about being misunderstood.  You need to speak clearly, fool.  Rick Perry may be rising too high and too fast.  Too much enthusiasm for a man only two days into his campaign.  I wonder if he would be getting this much attention if he was not a sharp looking dude.  We need to learned to get away from the celebrity credentials and patiently and adequately vet our prospects.  He may be the one but it is just too soon to tell.  A campaign is a marathon, not a sprint.

Explain to me how the Obama bus tour is not a campaign event.

The Tea Party and fiscal conservatives may be underestimating the pain that will be associated with the unwinding of the deficit.  It is important to have a solid understanding and clear vision of the outcome and get beyond the talking points. Otherwise they will not have the commitment to stay the course when it becomes difficult… and it will.  It will take an exceptional communicator to successfully lead through this arduous process we face.  Short attention span media is an unfortunate venue to get into any depth.  Print is better.

The leaders I like are Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels, Paul LaPage of Maine, or even Scott Walker of Wisconsin.  Marco is too young, but keep an eye on him.  None of these are in the race….. yet.

Americans are impatient and we want a dashing leader who can fix things and save us rather than a boring competent leader who can prevent problems before they happen.  We want to believe we can have it all without the sacrifice.  When the laws of nature reassert themselves, we want to blame the charlatans who sold the snake oil rather than the fools who believed them.