in the June 21 Wall Street Journal Online- Alan Binder takes exception to the GOP claim that government deficits kills jobs in The GOP Myth of ‘Job Killing’ Spending.

My retort is in The American Thinker on the same day in Confusing the Myth and Reality of Job Creation.


What may work in one quantity may not work in another, much larger quantity.  What seemed to work in one time period may not work in another time with many different factors in place.  The map that worked in the Andes may not work in the Pyrenees.  Adherence to ideology over current reality is dangerous.

Binder considers federal spending in isolation. Its impact cannot be separated from the onerous legislation and regulations, both passed and pending. It cannot be separated from the expectation of higher taxes on numerous fronts. And it cannot be separated from the uncertainty of federal intrusion into every area of our economic lives.  Offering a jobs tax credit is like throwing a drowning man a life preserver right after you have thrown him a barbell.