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Relative Optimism

In the June 4, 2011 Wall Street Journal Online, James Freeman writes The Bullish Case for the U.S. Economy.  Freeman interviews Bob Doll, Chief Equity Strategist for Blackrock, the world’s largest money manager. Excerpt: People are invariably shocked when Mr.…

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From the Trenches 6.3.2011

Over the last year I have tightened up credit at our company, General Steel, Inc., considerably.  We no longer take checks from people we do not know without running it through a check verification system that takes 1.5% of the…

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A Game Nobody Wants to Play

The lack of certainty is a common refrain from business people and investors today.  But it is not a satisfactory explanation. Business people always face uncertainty.  There are always unforeseen problems, new competitors and products, and risks in investments.  Without…

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Other Opinions 06 02 2011

Recommended Reading- Two Different Worlds- The  Public and Private  Sectors Asking Questions About the Minimum Wage What I Have Learned in My Long Visit to America Must Read: I Am John Galt

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Media Marketing Beyond Algorithms

In her book Patriotic Grace Peggy Noonan made a point I have repeated often in this blog.  During the old days of three major networks we all got our news from the same sources.  A small elite decided what was…

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