There is little to add to the Weiner fiasco. Sexting is now a very descriptive new word in the digital lexicon.  The winner in this lurid tale is Andrew Breitbart.  His objective was not Anthony Weiner but the Media Complex (his term). Again he proved that the Media Complex (i.e. the MSM) is far more reluctant to report news that reflects poorly on the left.  Rather than research the truth they faulted the truth teller, Breitbart.

Breitbart did the same in his strategy to release the O’Keefe videos that destroyed ACORN.  He offered the story to ABC who rejected it, before offering it to Fox News.  Weiner and his enablers, which are many, have much to answer for.  But the real villain here is a media that is held to no accountability but their own.

Last night in a meeting with a few local business people, we discussed our prospects and it was a bit depressing.  Ridiculous regulations have over ridden any common sense and it is squelching growth.  Wealthy people in this group cannot get a mortgage loan because they do not have the ‘right’ kind of income.  The very people who can readily buy apartments and real estate to absorb the excess capacity are unable to borrow any money to do it.

Businesses do not grow and investors do not invest in order to pay taxes or hire people; they do so to make a return on their investment.  The more burdens you place on realizing that return the less tax revenue and employment you will generate. This bears repeating.

Every regulation, tax increase or even the threat of a tax increase, every mandate and every word supporting class warfare reduces the expected return on investment and thus reduces the tax revenue and employment outlook.

The longer the poor economy drags on the harder it will be to revive it.  Those who have closed businesses are not likely to reopen them.  Without a long term consistent set of rules that we can trust are in place, the remaining businesses will not respond quickly to a pickup in business.

In some parts of the country entire neighborhoods are vacant.  Newly constructed homes are deteriorating.  Why don’t we give these home to returning veterans.  Create a pool to buy them at a steep discount and give them to the vets who can fix them up and just by living in them build their value.  I am sure a lot of private citizens would contribute to the pool.

Does the post office really need to deliver on weekends?  Why is it free for them to bring my mail to my house, yet I must pay for a box to go to the post office to pick it up?