268,00 new jobs were added last month.

62,000 of  those jobs, almost 1/4, were from McDonald’s.

McDonald’s was one of several large companies to receive a waiver from the new health insurance requirements.

Being careful not to draw too tight a correlation, this raises a question I have raised since the bill passed:  how much is this health care bill affecting unemployment?

We do not know how many jobs McDonald’s would have added anyway, but at least we know that exempting McDonald’s from the onerous health care bill certainly did not kill any jobs.  Only big companies have the political clout to even seek such exemptions. Small businesses which lack such clout, and bear the biggest brunt of this Kafkaesque bill, are also the sector that we depend on the most for job creation.

Dispensing privileged exemptions is the epitome of crony capitalism and the new charge of ‘gangster government’.  I first heard this charge from Michelle Bachman when the new GM was closing automobile dealers and politically connected dealers were appealing to politically connected friends to hold on to their businesses that were being taken by government decree.

I believe the impact on unemployment from the health care bills is grossly underestimated.  If exempting McDonald’s seems to improve employment then let’s just exempt everyone- repeal the damn bill.