Newt and Mitt are the old Republican Party.  There are those Republican that think that we need less government and then there are those that think we still need lots of government power; it just needs to be in their hands instead of the Democrats.  These Republicans are plagued by a pragmatic philosophy that sacrifices critical principles for short term gains. This is how Mitt proposes Obama Care before even Obama does.

Trump is an offensive joke.  He seems like a bigger fool that even Ross Perot became.

While I criticize Trump for having no political experience, I must admit that I find Herman Cain appealing.  He has a broader range of experience, both personal and business.  He is quick on his feet and has a compelling story.  And I sense that it is HIS story. His principles are solid and he speaks clearly and precisely.

I place Mitch Daniels high on the list of appealing candidates. He has clear principles that he communicates well.  Plus he not only has political experience, but he has pertinent experience in containing the growth and expense of government. The same goes for Chris Christie in New Jersey even though he insists he is not running.

I also like Paul Ryan, Nikki Haley and Marco Rubio but they are all young and need some seasoning.  I like Michelle Bachman but she seems to lack the depth needed for the job. I would like to see her in a cabinet post to  test her out.  Sarah Palin has become a celebrity more than a political figure. She also lacks the political depth this job requires.

All of these figures come with some baggage, but we must not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.  I find that I agree with the Republicans on about 60% of their agenda and the Democrats on 30% of theirs.

We need experienced political leaders with clear and correct principles who can communicate clearly.  We need competence and character: trust.  We do not need ill experienced charismatic celebrities with vapid meaningless slogans who seek demons over solutions.

Been there; done that.