In the course of the Middle East controversy there are a few points that while obvious seem worthy of repeating.

There is only one Jewish state in the world.  One.  It is surrounded by dozens of Islamic states where freedom of religion is minimal at best. Is it too much ask to have s single Jewish state with basic security?  No other member of the United Nations lives in existential threat 60 years after its recognition.

Israel has a Muslim and Christian minority that votes and participates openly in its society.  Muslims sit in the Knesset.  Yet we are willing to encourage a Palestinian state predicated on the expulsion of the Jews.  Why is ethnic cleansing so unacceptable except when it is the Jews being cleansed?

Israel stands unique as an open society in the Middle East.  It boasts a free press, equal rights for women, tolerance for homosexuals, a vibrant arts community and leadership in medical and scientific development. It is more than our strongest diplomatic ally.  It is more culturally, politically and commercially aligned with the United States than any country in the Middle East.

The original Palestinian mandate included all of what is now Israel, Gaza, the West Bank and all what is now Jordan.  Jordan was separated and made an independent kingdom in  1922.  Jordan made up 60% of the original mandate.  Israel voluntarily gave up Gaza.  Israel today is less than a third of the original mandate.  Is land really the issue here?

The original Palestinian mandate

The first land concession in 1922

The borders of the UN partition in 1947

1967 borders

The most inconvenient truth of the entire region is a simple look at a map.  Israel is such a tiny piece of land in the midst of an Arab sea.  Do we really think that making Israel give up any land at all is the single most critical component for peace in the region?