The more we depend on the government to make market decisions, the more we replace  individual choice with political power. This requires more reliance on lobbyists to protect individual and special interests.

A market based economy is more tolerant of individual choices, whether it be choice of religions, music, domiciles, sexual orientation, cars, reading material, art form, food, or health care provider.

The phrase “fatal conceit” coined by F.A. Hayek refers to the belief by the governing that they can solve all of our problems. Hayek noted in The Road to Serfdom that the very people who believe they can deliver better social justice using the force of government are the most abhorred by the tactics that must be deployed to enforce the outcome they desire.

Central planners are ultimately undone because they believe the ends justify the means. American voters do not agree, (except in times of war).

An neither does Federal Judge Roger Vinson in Florida.