Ruth Wisse

Ruth Wisse writes in the November 2010  Commentary (hard copy) The Anti-Semite’s Pointed Finger about the incredible historic persistence of anti-Semitism. She poses and then answers the question of why anti-Semitism remains when other hatreds and failed political philosophies have long become historical relics.

The short answer is political utility.  Jews thought that by having their own nation they would no longer be hated for their otherness. Jews keep deluding themselves into thinking they have the tools to remove anti-Semitism.  But the hatred remains because it is a useful tool to have a common enemy. The Arab nations can deflect the onus of their own failures by blaming Jews and Israel, just as Hitler was able to use this hatred to focus on Germany’s shortcomings and responsibility.

Ruth notes that if the Arabs who refused to recognize Israel had been ejected from the UN then this hatred would have shortly ended. But the UN has continued to sanction this hatred by their indifference acting as tolerance.

In a similar vein the only thing keeping racism alive in this country is the way it is used to provide political cover.  When one can no longer provide a substantive argument then the other side is accused of being racist. The Tea Party is dismissed as racists rather than even being worthy of any attempt to understand the roots of their displeasure.

As I was leaving Bass Pro Shop yesterday a young white “country boy” got out of his pickup truck with his camouflage cap and walked in hand in hand with his black girl friend.  This is the modern red neck.

Politicians keep racism and hatred alive because it is politically useful to them.