I do not pretend to speak for the other voters.  I was fortunate to be traveling during much of October so I missed most of the trash and noise masquerading as campaign information.  I truly do not care about college pranks, high school indiscretions, or even disagreements on some interpretations of constitutional intentions. I don’t care if you have made a bad loan or business decision in your life, if you were divorced, if you served in Viet Nam, what you read or what you don’t read.  I don’t care if someone in your family cured cancer, won the Nobel Prize or was convicted of rape.

I don’t care what position you played on the high school or college football team. I don’t believe any candidate hates children, the elderly, baseball, women, or poor people.  I don’t care what your religion is or isn’t, how often you go to church, or whether you teach Sunday school.

I don’t care if you smoked pot in college or got a DUI 20 years ago.

What I do care is that:

You will vote against the Union Card Check Bill.

You will vote against Cap and Trade.

You will vote to repeal the Health Care Bill.

You will vote for sane regulation rather than government micromanagement of industry and the economy.

You recognize that no group of elites understands the economy as much as all of the American consumers and producers do.

You respect the citizens who know better how to run their lives and their families than anybody in Washington.

You will think long and hard before your send Americans to die on foreign soil, or interfere in the affairs of other nations.

You recognize that we are a nation of laws; not a nation of ideologies.