Besides being Jewish, anti-Anti-Semitism fascinates me because it is a hatred like no other. It seems to morph and adapt to every political and cultural movement since Moses left Egypt.

Christopher Hitchens adds his thoughts on the topic in the Atlantic (September 2010)  in Chosen- The Toxin of Anti-Semitism Isn’t a Threat only to Jews.

An Excerpt:

Anti-Semitism has flourished without banking or capitalism (for which Jews were at one time blamed) and without Communism (for which they were also blamed). It has existed without Zionism (of which leading Jews were at one time the only critics) and without the state of Israel. There has even been anti-Semitism without Jews, in states like Malaysia whose political leaders are paranoid demagogues looking for a scapegoat. This is enough to demonstrate that anti-Semitism is not a mere prejudice like any other: Sinhalese who don’t like Tamils, or Hutu who regard Tutsi as “cockroaches,” do not accuse their despised neighbors of harboring a plan—or of possessing the ability—to bring off a secret world government based on the occult control of finance.