Cutting the size of government is as essential to the body politic’s health as a weight-reduction program is to restoring any human body that excess has caused to degrade into obesity. Just as someone who is serious about his health asks, “Do I need cupcakes at all?  Didn’t I get along even better before I made them part of my life?,” proof of the Country Class’ seriousness is whether it asks, “ Do we really need the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities?  Didn’t we get a long perfectly well before we had the Corporation for Public Broadcasting?  If America was better educated before we established a Department of Education than it has been since, why do we continue to have such a department?”  Reducing agencies’ budgets is unserious. If a job should be done and the agency is doing it, why cut?  But if it is not, why not abolish?

Yet shedding fat is the easy part. Restoring atrophied muscles is harder. Re-enabling the body to do elementary tasks takes more concentration.  Does the Country Class really want to govern itself, or is it just whining for milder taskmasters?

From The Ruling Class – How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It by Angelo Codevilla.  This is from the book that was excerpted in the American Spectator and I have posted several excerpts from it.  It is one of the most perceptive views of our state of political affairs and clarifies much of the energy and real source of the Tea Party movement.