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The Mother of All Bigotries

Besides being Jewish, anti-Anti-Semitism fascinates me because it is a hatred like no other. It seems to morph and adapt to every political and cultural movement since Moses left Egypt. Christopher Hitchens adds his thoughts on the topic in the…

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Idols of Ignorance

The ideology of modern finance tears capitalism in two, and then abandons the half beyond the ken of bureaucrats and professors who train them. Capitalism demands free markets because it needs free minds. Modern investment theory says efficient markets can…

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Why Businesses May Return Home

The increase in crime in Mexico, especially kidnapping, will have a very chilling effect on the relocation of America manufacturing and other businesses across the border.  American executives and managers are just not willing to take the risks to visit…

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Rational Delusion

We mortals pride ourselves as rational beings, but we act emotionally. We get attached to previous positions, and will discount or filter evidence rather than change our minds. We read the news for confirmation rather than information.  We are so…

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