Occasionally I watch Bill Maher’s Real Time on HBO, but I find it worthless either as any insightful commentary which I think it poses to be or as any provider of any depth or understanding of any of the political issues he pontificates on.  It is just a collection of cynical commentary on stereotypes.

It is the inability to get beyond labels and approach anything with any depth. Most people are not hard Republicans, or Democrats, or Tea Party members.  They are not racists, southern leaders are not Boss Hog. The distribution of income is not a simple issue, and apparently simple solutions often have consequences worse than the original problem.

Guests with some depth are given no time, and the opinions of actors is elevated to that of the educated and experienced.  Penetrating questions on such credentialed guests as Robert Reich either do not exist or are dismissed with boos or applause.

The same 60 minutes spent on reading is far more illuminating and far more entertaining.