Professor Angelo Codevilla‘s excellent piece in American Spectator, “America’s  Ruling Class – And the Perils of Revolution”  is the must read piece of political analysis in the last month. It is rich with insight that explains the crossroad we inhabit.

On Monday, July 19 Rush Limbaugh focused on this piece and it caused a shutdown at the American Spectator site for a while.

Also on Monday American Thinker published a piece I wrote “The Ruling Class Creates Its Own Demise“. My piece developed from Cordevilla’s article. Cordevilla helped me to see why the same political forces that brought the Democrats to dominate the Executive and Legislative branches may also be responsible for unseating them. An excerpt:

Nothing unites like a common threat and that is what is bringing the current cohesiveness to the Country Class.  The Tea Party movement is only a part of it.  The disaffected Republicans, Libertarians,  and the Independents are the rest of it.  The fact they do not have a strong single unifying set of beliefs would be  a very limiting factor if the Democrats had not strayed so far from the center, and if the economy was not having such an adverse impact on their lives.

It is a mistake to assume that America will tolerate elitist solutions and systems long ingrained and accepted in European political culture.  The Country Class are more interested in managing their private lives and daily affairs as long as their leaders do not threaten their values and their way of life.  When they are thus threatened we can expect a seismic shift at the polls.

Cordevilla uses the term country class, not to denote ‘hicks’, but as a reference to the rest of the country not included in the Ruling Class.