“Despite their secularism, Jews may be the most religious ethnic group in the world. The problem is that their religion is rarely Judaism; rather it is every  ”ism” of the left. .. It is therefore usually as hard to shake a liberal Jew’s belief in the Left and in the Democratic Party as it is to shake an evangelical Christian’s belief in Christianity.  The big difference, however, is that the Christian believer acknowledges his Christianity is a belief, whereas a believer in liberalism views his belief as entirely the product of rational inquiry.”

Dennis Prager as quoted in Why Are Jews Liberals? By Norman Podhoretz

HKO comments: Poderhoretz makes a grand attempt to explain why Jews are Liberal. Most of the book deals with their history that both made them sympathetic to the downtrodden and in direct conflict with the conservatism of the established orders. But that explanation still left Podhoretz wondering why they were so reluctant to acknowledge the development of increasing anti-Semitism on the left and greater sympathy and support for Israel on the right. Even when Jews acknowledge the drifts toward anti-Semitism on the left they remain resistant to acknowledge the changes in the right that have become more accepting of the Jews and more outright supportive of the State of Israel.