Recent Rebelyid Postings about Reforming the Financial System

Financial Regulation: The Solution is the Problem

“the Japanese banks were bragging about their compliance when they tanked in the 1990’s.”

Financial Regulation Needs to Solve the Whole Problem

“The more Congress regulates an industry the greater the role will be played by lobbyists. An administration that has repeatedly demonized lobbyists seems intent in creating an environment where lobbyists will grow in influence.”

The Danger of a Systemic Risk regulator

“markets protecting themselves from a credible threat of failure would be more effective regulators than a central office that stifles that threat.”

Which is the Party of Wall Street?

‘crony capitalism is to capitalism as National Socialism is to Socialism.’

Catering to Deceit

“By seeking power and control rather than true regulatory reform, Congress seeks to institutionalize rather than eliminate the deceit that plagues our financial markets.”