Having squeezed the health care bill through with the sleaziest of methods and the slimmest of margins, the bill now creates a dilemma for Republicans.  If the public reaction paves the road for a return of Republican control of Congress, a possibility desired but still uncertain, will the Republicans be able to repeal the bill?

This will require returning to Congress with a majority that can override a presidential veto which would certainly occur.  More than uncertain,  a veto override is improbable.

We now have months to e-mail, Twitter and Facebook all the warts and odorous provisions of this bill. The Republicans, if they regain control, will have to face the prospect of fixing the bill they detest and possibly ensuring its retention, or being a block to changes the public wants.

It will be difficult to hold out for repeal, when the Democrats may be able to actually blame the Republicans for not fixing the bill they so bitterly and unanimously opposed. It will take exceptional clarity, leadership, and political savvy on steroids to pull this off.

If they forced the president to veto a repeal, even if they are unable to override it, they have certainly set the agenda for the next presidential contest. While it is reasonable to keep this health bill as the hot button issue for the next few months, it may be difficult to keep it in the headlights for two years.