Coming down from Atlanta today I sought a liberal talk show and got Lynn Samuels at Sirius 146.

The most notable difference from the conservative talk shows was the frequent use of the word ‘fuck’ by the host as well as the guest.

What was interesting was the criticism of both the health care bill and the president. While they still preferred him to  McCain/ Palin, and the host referred to George W as a ‘fucking idiot’, they were very critical of the Obama’s inability to say anything substantive or communicate well in spite of his eloquence in front of a mike.

Ms. Samuels hated the bill because medical insurance stocks went up after the bill.  Of course most stocks went up and that alone means little. But to her if the bill was any good their stock price would have gone down. She was strongly critical of Howard Dean, Dennis Kucinick and other liberals who were against the bill and changed.  She suspected them of selling out for some personal gain. She accused her party of the same strong arm techniques she hated the Republicans for.

One self described liberal caller even warned of his concern about the growth in the power of government and how this power could be easily abused in the hands of someone who comes after Obama.

If the liberals hate the bill and the conservatives hate the bill, then who voted for it?