The charge of apartheid against Israel is so absurd that those who level the claim, starting but not ending with Jimmy Carter, relinquish any claim on legitimacy.

Arabs in Israel proper have more rights than many Arabs in most of Israel’s neighboring countries. They have full civil rights and hold office in the Knesset.  Arabs and Muslims in Israel have far more rights than Christians or Jews have in Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Qatar, Yemen or a host of Muslim States.  Yet there is no Arab Apartheid week on American college campuses.

Even Israel’s actions in the West Bank can not be considered without the security threat their neighboring populations impose. Israel’s exit from Gaza was a lesson than does not need repeating to be learned.

There are legitimate and controversial policies in Israel, but how can anyone expect Israel to respond to such severe demonization when it is singled out in a way no other nation is subjected to.  By using such unfair and absurd accusations the demonizers, including the UN, lose any effectiveness at accomplishing any real solution.