Science is a realm of discovery, skepticism, understanding, confirmation and challenge. But throughout history science has been polluted by political considerations.  In the Middle Ages the church considered any theory of the universe without the earth at the center heresy.

More currently science has been polluted by attempts to attach the certainty of science to the unknowable and the uncertain.  When science is hijacked to support political causes  skepticism and confirmation are treated as heresy the same as  the church condemned the heliocentric theories of the Middle Ages.

Wall Street bankers deluded themselves into thinking that the vastly complicated uncertainty of global markets and risk could be made certain with complicated mathematical formulas.  Blinded by vast sums of money they believed the ridiculous because they so wanted to. A philosophical understanding of risk was replaced with delusional mathematical certainty.

A political push to control wealth is served by the global warming/ climate change hysteria; credentialism and intelligence offers no more clarity to the future than the Gaussian Cupola Formula offered Wall Street.

That anyone could purport to know the future climate of the earth decades out with any degree of certainty defies common sense. The models offered to support such “science” are no more credible than the formulas created by the PhD quants on Wall Street who proposed to turn junk mortgages into AAA securities.