Random thoughts

GM’s effort to target Toyota’s  customers  in the midst of their record recall notice seems in poor taste, especially in light of the record amount of taxpayer money that is now supporting GM.  This is like the arrogant rich kid who brags about being  smart when he was just lucky enough to inherit daddy’s money.  Kudos to Honda for expressly rejecting this tactic and Ford for just making money without taxpayer funds.   This is a big debit to GM’s karma account. Remember how many Toyotas are manufactured in this country.

Has anyone ever heard a peep from this administration about the government’s  responsibility for the economic crash, or do we just keep adding to the list of corporate demons?  First the oil companies, then insurance companies, then the health care providers and then the banks and financial institutions.  I need oil companies, insurance companies, health care providers and banks because they provide stuff and  services I need and want. I wish I could say this about the government .

After reading and writing about the financial crisis, I realize that the best analysis is devoid of political and partisan scapegoating.  The causes  were multiple and extended back more than 25 years. While much is clear in hindsight, at the time there were seemingly rational reasons for every stupid step toward the cliff.  How do smart people make such stupid mistakes?  One small stupid step at a time.

I have observed that there is an innate sense of trust on the social networking sites, especially Facebook.  We have connected with people we haven’t seen in decades, and there is an instant sense of trust.  Rules of etiquette on Facebook are unwritten but seemingly obvious just the same.  I wonder if the hours we spend on Facebook comes at the expense of television viewing.

With a more substantial majority than either party has enjoyed in decades and control of the White House, the Democrats have failed to pass any of the legislative initiatives other  than the stimulus package early in 2009(and the absurd cash for clunkers program) . It seems that either the bills they are trying to pass stink or that they must be incredibly politically incompetent.