I find that following and being followed by a few thousand people on Twitter gives one a certain feel of the pulse of the electorate. I realize that most of my followers are right of center, thought I aim to get beyond left and right.

I have a few rules of who I follow. I avoid personal coaches, anybody blatantly selling anything, religious zealots, and language that crosses the line from information and opinion to vile hatred.

The right is angry. They largely attack the president for his policies. They are upset about the Ben Nelson payoff, the special deal to the union on health care, the deficit, etc.

Some twitterers may have more substance than others. But while the right is angry the left is often just downright nasty.  I try to find left of center sources, but this is typical of one leftist Twitterer that I just unfollowed.  These are excerpts from just one page of his posts:

“conservative assholes”

“spout lies”


“raped and pillaged this country” (Republicans)

“hateful racist worthless piece of shit”

“I’d vote your ass to a cemetery, you shitbag”

“You fucking idiot.”

“You’re a piece of shit.”

This Twitterer has over a thousand followers and follows many more. He claims to be retired.   I have thousands of followers and I have yet to see one of the conservative Twitterers  as vile as the one I am spotlighting.  It is not an isolated example.

These people suck any intelligence out of the political debate.