Brown’s victory over Coakley is certainly a setback for the current administration no matter how they spin it. But another major development in the electoral process was largely missed.

When Ben Nelson flipped for Obama Care in the Senate it was seen as a betrayal of his pro life principles.  Yet Nelson likely thought he was doing his job of bringing home the bacon for his Nebraska constituents by getting such special treatment to offset his state’s higher Medicaid cost.

In the past anti-incumbent fever was directed at other politicians; ours was OK as long as he succeeded in protecting his constituency’s interest. In this case the uproar from Nelson’s own state was overwhelming. This was very different;  the governor and the citizens of Nebraska were no longer concerned in benefiting from special deals if it meant voting for bad legislation. Such a voter attitude could spell the end of pork barrel politics.

The climate of voter outrage is reaching beyond anti-liberal, partisan preference, and even anti-incumbent.  A certain level of ‘corruption’ that was an accepted part of American politics is being soundly rejected.  Closed door meetings, blatant partisanship, unaccounted for expensive trips, unmitigated arrogance, broken promises, and blatant hubris and hypocrisy is being rejected as components of our political scene.

This change will hopefully encourage a new kind of political leader from both parties to enter the political scene.  The exit of the old guard who clearly sees that they cannot get re-elected will help this process.

A new center is emerging that in intolerant of political gain at any cost. I don’t think they are going to back down.