“Bill Maher is not a libertarian. He’s not even close. He’s a P.C. liberal.  The fact that he called his show Politically Incorrect is an absolute lie. If you watch Real Time and watch what he does to those that don’t tow the left-wing line, it’s a crime.  He’ll have a professor, Michael Eric Dyson on for hours to talk for hours on this post modern crap, and then he’ll go to Andrew Breitbart (creator of Breitbart.com and former editor The Drudge Report). Then when Andrew Breitbart starts talking, he’ll make a joke and everybody will laugh.  His trained seal audience of retarded nutbags will clap. And then the segment will end. So it looks like you saw two voices, but you really didn’t.  You heard this very long diatribe.”

“Libertarianism is a very cool thing to use as a disguise.  Bill Maher does not say he’s a liberal.  He says he’s a libertarian. I think Glen Beck is a libertarian, but he’s also got a very strong religious component, and it’s hard to put those two things together. I  think that “libertarian” provides cover for a lot of people.”

From Greg Gutfield  “What You’re Left With Is Libertarianism” in the October 2009 Reason