There are those who insist the government can manage health care better because the government does not have to make a profit.

Before addressing how small the profits of many corporations can be, and thus how irrelevant that point is; the bigger question is “does that justify government interference into any market for essential goods and services” ….. such as …

food, energy, transportation….media

It is precisely the pursuit of profit that drives availability, quality and improvement. And if we remove the profit we will have …..

less availability, quality, and improvement.

There is much to admire in our health care system, and when arrogant bureaucrats meddle in complicated markets they tend to destroy the good while they fix the bad.

Much of what has driven health care costs higher are government mandated coverages, litigation (which Canada has limited) and the shifting of underpaid costs from government programs.

There are some changes that need to be made, but profit is not one of the problems. In fact it is one of the solutions.