I have been posting about the Honduras situation and how they have exercised their law and constitution and removed Mel Zayela for trying to hold an illegal referendum and defying the courts in order to acquire unlimited powers.

Yet Zayela is getting support from Chavez in Venezuela and our own President and Secretary of State. The UN has sided in his favor and the OAS is pressuring the government to reinstate him.

I have started receiving tweets from Twitterers in Honduras in response to some of my blogs and tweets. They are showing rallies AGAINST Zelaya, and resent the interference into their rule of law. One noted pro Zayela demonstrators from Nicaragua seemingly supported by Chavez. Unlike Iran their government is not restricting their access to media because they are free.

The productive are leaving Venezuela in droves and Cuba remains a third world country 50 years after Castro’s ‘liberation’.

Zayela wants to joint this realm of dictatorial thugs and Honduras is using the rule of law to stop the descent into totalitarianism that Venezuela and Cuba experienced.

We should be ashamed of our government that supports the ambitions of dictators over the rule of law and a legally elected government.