I find Twitter a fascinating market of thoughts and ideas, and I am generally impressed at how responsible most Twitterers are without any regulation or guidance.

I consider Twitter an adjunct to my blog, Rebelyid. I look for intelligent comments and ideas. I do not really care if they come from the left or the right. In fact I generally, but not always, avoid the labels because it makes most people stop thinking.

I write to learn not to teach. Recently I have read Mark Levin’s book “Liberty and Tyranny”, Krugman’s “the Conscience of a Liberal”, Samuelson’s “the Great Inflation and Its Aftermath”, Bacevich’s “The Limits of Power”, Zakaria’s “The Post American World”, Taleb’s “The Black Swan”, Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism”. I am currently reading “Atlas Shrugged” (3rd time) and “Che”.

I have been to Israel twice and Cuba once (recently).

If I had to use three words to classify my views they would probably be American Zionist Libertarian, but I do not use any as dogma. I try to avoid common topics or perspectives either when I blog or Tweet. I try to find more obscure and interesting topics. We all have access to Fox, MSNBC, CNN and Drudge.

I am likely to follow you if you a) show some signs of intelligence in your tweets AND b) have over 500 followers (I am not a snob and will follow you with less – but give me a REASON. I try to earn followers by Tweeting something YOU will like enough to forward to your followers. I am hoping quantity will follow quality, but I am not seeking followers for the sake of just building that number. I am really proud of the depth and quality of many of my followers, and those I follow.

I am whimsical and a sucker for humor and great quotes.

I respect intelligent disagreement and criticism and enlightenment, but I do not Twitter to argue. I will not follow and I will unfollow anyone who calls me an idiot or a fool because of my opinion. If such disrespect is needed to make your point, then I am not interested.

I will not follow marketers, religious fanatics, the intolerant, pornographic, or narcissistic trivia.

This is already way too much about me. I greatly appreciate how much I have gained from those I follow and I hope those that follow and RT me feel likewise.