Freedom as a concept is thrown around like a drunken midget at a frat party (tips to metaphor maven Dennis Miller). The same conservatives that proudly send their sons and daughters half way around the world to fight for freedom insist on closing the liquor stores on Sunday. Nanny legislators who insist on seatbelts allow motorcycles, sky diving and bungee jumping.

We jail pot smokers yet make billions in taxes on cigarette and alcohol sales

The Federal Government dictates the amount of water (1.6 gallons) that can be used to flush a toilet. Now that is real power.

Real freedom means allowing others to do things you would not approve. The freedom to control the behavior of others is not freedom at all, it is the oppression of moral supremacy.

We have become addicted to government solutions. We have lost the art of persuasion over force. We attempt to solve problems with a vote that should be solved with a conversation. We insist on addressing problems from the halls of Congress that should be addressed from the pulpit.

Real freedom is the freedom to be left alone.