I thought it was a mistake for President Obama to focus so much attention on Rush Limbaugh in his first few weeks. Why empower an enemy that you just defeated? If Rush had any real power Obama would not have won.

I am beginning to think that I was wrong and that Obama’s political genius was right. By selecting the most frictional and divisive face to put on the opposition party he has in effect neutered the Republican opposition to his budget and his policies. The Republicans are playing into Obama’s hands like warm clay.

Obama has diverted attention away from Michael Steele and Mitch Cantor, the new Black and Jewish leaders. Pawlenty, Jindal, Sanford, and even Romney have also been forced in to the back seat.

Rush, Newt and Sarah are the old and voters have clearly wanted a change. The party needs new faces to distance the failure of the past, and they are in an incredibly poor position if they let the opposition define them.

It is not that I disagree with many of the ideas of Newt or Rush, it is just that they will not attract new voters to the party as other capable leaders will.