Obama’s lack of business experience and his lack of investment participation make him oblivious to the investor class. Unlike most of Americans, Obama owns very few stocks or equity stakes in any profit producing enterprise.

56% of Americans fit into the “investor class” and they are fiscally conservative, regardless of their race, religion or sex. This is the most significant voting block and Obama is not a member- by choice.

Obama’s policies in only his first 100 days is a significant threat to small business interests and to the investor class. His strong pro union stance, his unprecedented imposition into business strategy through ‘czars’ reporting to the president, his tax increases on the investor and entrepreneurial classes, all bode very poorly for the future of American businesses and investors.

A farmer understands that you can only reap what you sew. A business man understands that wealth must be created, that customers have choices, and that debt increases risk. An investor understands that risk is manageable and can be avoided, but taking less risk means slower growth. When investors seek safety over growth the wealth creating machinery that will be desperately needed to pay for the dramatically expensive programs will grind to a halt.

As bright as Obama and his sycophants thinks he is, he seems to be oblivious to these fundamental truths. These are truths commonly learned through experience, and he has little experience in these realms.

Neglect of the investor class may be his critical political mistake.